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Resource Rights Guide - Posted By Vanquish'd (scott1707) on 17th May 11 at 6:10pm
Throughout the forum, you will find a number of different resources being bought and sold.
Each of these resources will be sold with different rights, dependent on the seller.
This is a brief guide into what each set of rights entails.

LRO - Learning Rights Only

This refers to a resource which is sold as a learning resource and may not be used publically. This prevents the resource owner from reposting or reusing the resource in their work. Used for the sole purpose of learning how the resource was created.

FR - Full Rights

This refers to when a resource is sold and the buyer can use it as they see fit. They can claim it as their own, sell it on, use sections of the resource in other work and basically gives the owner the privaledge of doing whatever they want with the service/resource.

Re: Resource Rights Guide - Posted By jemima66 (jemima66) on 4th Dec 15 at 6:32am
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Re: Resource Rights Guide - Posted By huroy (samhuroy) on 23rd Jul 16 at 12:30pm
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Re: Resource Rights Guide - Posted By audrina ( on 6th May 17 at 4:31am
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Re: Resource Rights Guide - Posted By enjaminuller (enjaminuller) on 11th Jan 19 at 10:04am

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